The mission of the Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF) is to provide for a cleaner Commonwealth by administering a fiscally responsible program to reimburse eligible participants for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred from releases into the environment.

Fee Billing System Early Registration

The USTIF Fee Billing System is open to Distributors, Tank Installation Companies and Tank Owners for early registration. Early registration allows users to create accounts linked to their existing data and review and confirm their current address and contact information. Letters with registration instructions were mailed to Distributors in April.  Tank Installation Companies were notified in in late April and early May.

Owners received introduction letters with registration instructions in late May.

Any Fee Billing System user can read the Fee Billing System (FBS) Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to common questions.


Create an Account

Distributors and Tank Installation Companies are encouraged to create accounts during this early registration period to prepare for the full system launch.


Prepare for Reporting Deliveries

Distributors must prepare in June for several key process changes starting when the Fee Billing System goes live in July.

  • Distributors will now be required to report actual delivery data through the new billing system in a specified format either manually or electronically. There are two methods to electronic reporting:
  • The mailing of monthly reporting statements will be discontinued. Payment invoices will be auto-generated upon successful upload of your monthly throughput report in the new system. 
  • USTIF will no longer be accepting payment via check or ACH. Check processing will end on June 30, 2017. Please remit any payment by check 5 days prior to that date in order for proper account posting before USTIF transitions to a new financial services provider.

Distributors must record their June deliveries with the required data in order to report the data in July when the system is live.  See reminder notice.