Heating Oil Tanks


Heating Oil Tank Program


A Voluntary Heating Oil Tank Program has been offered by the Fund since 1995 to owners or operators of heating oil tanks with a capacity of 3,000 gallons or greater used for storing heating oil products for use on the premises.  This program indemnifies owners or operators for any releases from their tanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the USTIF coverage start?

The USTIF coverage for your Heating Oil Tank starts when you "opted-in" or when your application is accepted by the USTIF.

Who does the USTIF cover?

The USTIF covers owners and operators of heating oil USTs which are 3,000 gallons or greater in capacity who voluntarily participate in the USTIF.

How do I request an application for heating oil tank coverage?

You can request an application for coverage by calling (717) 787-0763 or (800) 595-9887 [in PA]. Additionally, you may print the application from this site.

What does the USTIF cover?

The USTIF covers claims for corrective actions to clean up contamination from leaking tank(s). It also covers claims for bodily injury and property damage that occur as a result of the release. The cost covered by the USTIF includes identifying the extent, nature and impact of the release and developing a remedial action plan for restoring the site. The USTIF will not cover any upgrade costs for the facility or any repair and maintenance work performed on the USTs.

What are the USTIF's coverage limits?

The USTIF coverage limits are $1.5 million limit per tank per occurrence and $1.5 million annual aggregate limit as of December 13, 2001. Also, there is a $5,000 per tank per occurrence corrective action deductible  and $5,000 per tank per occurrence third party liability deductible.

Does the USTIF cover aboveground storage tanks?

No. The USTIF covers only underground heating oil tanks that chose to "opt-in" or applied for coverage and were accepted into the USTIF.

Will the USTIF defend third party lawsuits?

The USTIF has the option to defend third party lawsuits. The cost of this defense does not affect the third party liability limits provided. The USTIF may defend the tank owner until the limit is exhausted.

How do I make a claim?

Contact the Claims Unit immediately after the release by calling (717) 787-0763 or (800) 595-9887 [in PA]. An adjuster will contact you to begin the investigation.  Claims must be reported within 60 days after knowledge of a potential claim or coverage will be denied.

What are the claim's eligibility requirements?

  • The claimant is the owner or operator of a heating oil tank 3,000 gallons or greater and has "opted-in" to the USTIF or applied for coverage and was accepted by the USTIF.
  • The USTIF's fees are paid.
  • The heating oil tank owner or operator can support a release occurred on or after February 1, 1994 or on or after the date the application was accepted.
  • The owner or operator has obtained permits, if required.
  • The claimant cooperates with the Fund in its eligibility determination process, claims investigation, the defense of any suit, the pursuit of a subrogation action and other matters as requested.
  • Claims must be reported within 60 days after knowledge of a potential claim or coverage will be denied.