Bid Opportunities

Current Bidding Opportunities - * Bid responses will only be accepted from those firms who attend the mandatory pre-bid site meeting. To be considered, bid responses must be received by the Fund's Third Party Administrator, ICF, by 3 p.m. on the bid due date. Detailed submission instructions are included in each RFB. *

For more information on competitive bidding, please refer to the Competitive Bidding info from Bulletin #5.

See also: Pending Contracts | Executed Contracts

FINAL Contracts Entry Data List

Claim # Facility ID Name Mandatory Site Meeting Date Bid Type Corrective Activity Additional Information
20020197(I) 03-07315 Honey Bear Mini Mart 05/03/2017 Bid To Result Remediation through Closure RFB Documents
20070053(F) 35-10233 Lewis Brothers Garage 05/16/2017 Bid To Result Remediation and Closure Activities RFB Documents